On January, 2014, IITA Youth Agripreneurs (IYA) decided to diversify its production to include fisheries, another viable option in agriculture. The thrust of this decision was hinged on the mission of the group; “to exploit various opportunities inherent in agricultural value chains as means of creating wealth, and achieving enhanced income and self-dependence for African youth.”

However, the hope of successfully taking advantage of this value chain became realistic as more than 3000 catfish juveniles were transferred from the hatcheries to the on-growing ponds on Monday, June 10, 2014. The group started out with the construction of the fish ponds and hatcheries a few months ago, and has already started transferring the first set of juveniles into the ponds.

After grading and sorting i.e. selecting fishes of similar individual sizes into groups, which is needed to optimize production by reducing cannibalism and size variability among harvested fish and improving feed conversion efficiency, the juveniles were then carefully transferred to the on-growing ponds. According to Ibironke Ifedayo, one of the members of the Fisheries unit of the IITA Youth Agripreneurs, cropping will take place in three to four months to this time.



In addition, the group has commenced sales of soy milk within the IITA Campus. On Wednesday June 11 2014, some of IITA-Ibadan headquarters’ staff visited the IYA soymilk production, amongst whom were Mr. Ohiokhie Albert from the Human Resources Services unit, Mr. Awobajo Kayode, from Project Administration Office, and Mr. Oni Adeleke from Hotel and Catering Services unit and some other IITA staff. This visit was to strategize how effective the distribution channels will be and the methods of sales within the campus.

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