TOT workshop ends with Agripreneurs’ presentations

Jinadu Olaide, IITA Youth Agripreneur during her presentation at the TOT worshop

From various perspectives of participants, things went well in almost all respect, participants were extremely enthusiastic throughout, and the enthusiasm grew day by day. Among things that facilitated learning throughout the workshop were group discussions, exercises, brainstorming that kept participants’ interest steady and ensured participation was high.

At the final day of the workshop, all the participants were availed the opportunity to clearly demonstrate not only the knowledge of designing, implementing and evaluating quality objectives of training they have acquired, but were able to successfully apply the processes, concepts and ethics of good presentations.

Gbadamosi Muritala, an IITA Youth Agripreneur, one of the participants, started the presentation with the topic titled “Ethics, Violence and Civic Education System in Nigeria”. As it’s been learned, he made use of the general format of PowerPoint presentation, i.e. starting from the Title, to the Objectives of learning, to the Outline, to the Introduction, Body and finally the Conclusion.

The topic presented by each participant varied from context to context, from the value chains of Agriculture to Communication, Marketing, Monitoring and Evaluation etc., while some of IYA members presented based on their activities within the group. Adewale Toyin presented “Monitoring and Evaluation outcome mapping”, Oyesiji Funmilayo presented “Effective communication in workplace”, Ezemenaka Johnbosco presented “Writing a marketing plan”, bekee Bari Tuka presented “Leadership styles”, while some other members presented “off-key” but highly educative topics.

The major errors observed during the presentations were stage fright, inappropriate learning objective statements and improperly managed time. The resource personnel consequently pointed out the faults and gave recommendations at each participant’s presentation.

Mr. Zoumana Bamba, head of capacity development, IITA gave the closing remark by emphasizing on three key attributes that would help IITA Youth Agripreneurs’ successful business transactions which include Discipline, Knowledge and Organization/Management. He enjoined all Agripreneurs to be more disciplined in the area of their business transactions and even at other training programs that would subsequently be organized by the training unit of IITA.

Mr. Bamba, in his remarks, said the beautiful thing about knowledge is not in its acquisition but the ability to master and transfer it to youth and farmers who are the major targets of the group. However, great competency of a group or organization also relies on how organized such group can be and the professional skills in management.

He finished his remarks by appreciating all participants, the team of consultancy services unit, University of Ibadan and training unit staff for their dedication throughout the whole 5 days of intensive learning.

Finally, certificates were presented to all participants by Mr Zoumana Bamba and Mrs Lola Idowu.

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