The role of Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria in Youth Development

Director Of Gender And Youth In Agricultural Research And Innovation Agricultural Research Council Of Nigerian (ARCN) – Mrs D.I Ogbede

The Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria dedicates itself to achieving significant improvements in agricultural productivity, marketing and competitiveness by generating appropriate technologies and policy options, promoting innovation, establishing a knowledge management capacity and strengthening the agricultural research system.

Apart  from research they have program for youth also both young and teenagers the council is providing the needed guidance , training extension and career development for youth through our 15 national Agriculture Research institute and 11 Federal colleges of agriculture and agricultural research the council has a fully structure gender and youth program/development that caters for youth issues. Recently  a sensitization workshop was organized for Nigerian youths with the aim of creating awareness and interest in agriculture and agricultural research .this yielded positive results and measurable impact. The council is also engaged in programs for youth, some of which are :

  • OND and HND trainings in various field of agriculture by our federal colleges of agriculture e.g crop production, processing, fisheries, livestock, etc.
  • Vocational training in agriculture is also conducted for the youth and interested farmers in our federal colleges of Agriculture.
  • Education support in terms of scholarship on university courses in undergraduate and doctorate degrees.


The council runs a program called Agricultural Research Outreach Center (AROC) for secondary schools where agricultural technologies from our Research institutes are disseminated and introduced in to the farming system of the selected schools. This programmed aims at ensuring the involvement and interest of young students in Agriculture.

Furthermore, the council intends to have a core of young professionals in Agricultural research who can be giving mentorship and career development guidance and it also intends to setup an entrepreneurship/agribusiness development scheme for the youth in order to empower them in Agriculture.

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Blogpost by  Funmilola Lamidi,  IYA member and a social media reporter for the #YADI14.

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