Are there really skilled youth in Agriculture?

Youth getting skilled in ICT for Agriculture. Photo Credit: Inoussa Maiga

Are there skilled youths in agriculture? Are the skilled youths valued by the society? Are the government (public sector) and the private sector ready to invest in the larger rural community? how much of the funds allocated to the rural communities get to them? Can the skilled youths be linked with the larger farming communities?  These the questions I have in mind.

The group focused on the issues that agriculture as to be seen as attractive by both the skilled youth and the larger farming communities by basically changing the mindset of the youth and communities, which is the first step to making the engagement of both the farming community and skilled youth have a meeting point to share ideas with each other. The group identified major problems and the causes of the problems, which are:

Limited public and private platforms to mobilize skilled youths in agriculture: The public sector which the government and the private agricultural groups or organizations that exists does not have a platform that the available skilled youths can tap into to reach out to the larger farming communities. The causes for these are:

  • Limited involvement of the youth in policy making.
  • Existing programs in private sector are not youth/gender sensitive.

Perception of larger community that agriculture is not a profitable venture: The rural community is out of reach to the information in the urban centers because of lack of basic modern day tools enlighten and help in changing their mind-set to the technologies of the 21st century, some of the causes alighted are:

  • Emphasis is still on the subsistence agriculture.
  • Limited use of improved technologies and mechanization.
  • little or no value-addition
  • lack of organized marketing system
  • Lack of infrastructure in rural areas.

Limited access to input (incentive, loans, credit facilities, and insurance etc.), some causes are

  • lack of collateral to obtain loan
  • high interest bank rates

Family obligations of the African women (youth) limit the geographical coverage and effective more participation in agribusiness enterprise

Limited information about the existence of skilled youth and the services they can provide, the causes to these problem are:

  • weak extension services
  • skilled youths are not reaching out; here, my question is how do youths that have the modern day tools like the internet solely as a means of reaching out to the world reach out to a rural larger community that do not even own a phone?

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Blogpost by  Adesanya Omotomiwa , IYA member and a social media reporter for the #YADI14

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