Kick starting the youth Agribusiness Development Initiative #YADI14 event.


The much anticipated Youth Agribusiness development initiative in engaging youths in entrepreneurship for agricultural transformation in Africa ,YADI 2014 which started today, 28th of May 2014 which would end on the 30th of May 2014, is aimed at coming out with a strategy to promote and sustain the participation of the youths in Agriculture and Agribusiness.

The workshop was declared open by the introduction of the IITA YOUTH AGRIPRENEUR in a video session showing the problem of unemployment in Africa, the diversification in their disciplines, the workshops attended, gender equality, their involvement in various value-chain in cassava and soybean and the projection of the group.

The Director of the Institute of Tropical Agriculture Dr. Nteranya Sanginga talked about the institute being the largest in term of land area with 1000 hectares of land and the institute championing in research and other initiative like the IITA Youth Agripreneurs.

“We need a new reality in Africa on youth unemployment we are sitting on a time bomb, we need to prioritize the issue of unemployment” he said  passionately, “the issue of unemployment is affecting everyone of us and this workshop we wouldn’t just talk but champion the cause of solving unemployment in Africa”. He thanked the sponsors of the program and declared the workshop opened.

The main objective of the workshop is to lead to the involvement of the Youth as part of organized and localized agribusiness clustered engaging in profitable agricultural ventures which of put to light by Dr. Ken Dashiell.

The major change of mindset for me today was that “Agriculture was a business” which was the major lesson in the keynote address of Dr. Namanga Ngongi and that Africa should upscale fully the schemes it had for the youths in various countries on the continent,starting majorly by mentoring and creating new initiatives for Agribusiness.

In conclusion, this workshop is call to action to brainstorm and come out with a possible strategy in drawing out a log of activities in engaging the youth both in the rural and urban areas in Africa to be more proactive in various value-chain of agriculture.

To effectively follow up on this event please follow the day 2 – Thursday, 29th of May,2014 using the #YADI14 hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

Blogpost by  Adesanya Omotomiwa , IYA member and a social media reporter for the #YADI14



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