STAKEHOLDERS meet To advance youth employment in agriculture

YADI CONFERENCE1As the workshop draws near, with the major aim of fighting the issue of unemployment in Africa, AfDB, AGRA, IFAD, IITA and other CGIAR centers have identified the major objectives of the workshop; (1) Brainstorm and encourage innovative thinking on how to directly engage the youth in more diverse and productive roles in agriculture, (2) Identify strategies for the empowerment of rural youth in agriculture based on tailored pathways that offer opportunities in agribusiness, local service provision, and market-oriented agriculture, and (3) Develop the Pan-African Youth in Agribusiness program.

The participants expected to take part in the workshop include some Agricultural ministers, High-level officials of 20 African governments, representatives of region institutions such as the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and sub regional research organizations (ASARECA, CORAF, and CCARDESSA), collaborating partners from CGIAR and other international research institutions such as AfricaRice, ICARDA, IFPRI, icipe, and ILRI, representatives of some private enterprises, non-governmental organizations and YOUTH AGRICULTURAL ENTREPRENEURS who are believed to be the major stake holder in the forum.

Since the event is targeted at the Youth, it is expected that:

  • Engaging youth in entrepreneurship for agricultural transformation in Africa can succeed by bringing resources to bear on a consistent strategy for the long haul supported by regional policy advocacy and policy leaderships pear-headed by IFAD and AfDB agriculture and education sectors.
  • The program will aim to increase the income of 1.0 million youth by at least an additional US$450 every year as a result of training in agribusiness that allows a doubling of production,processing, and marketing of major stable crops that include cassava, banana, soybean and horticulture, and livestock(poultry and fish) over a period of five years in selected impact zones across the continent.

We will indeed like to hear from you during the conference period (28th – 30th May, 2014) and beyond. Tweet your questions, suggestions and comments on Youth involvement in Agriculture and Agribusiness using the Official hashtag: #YADI14.


18 thoughts on “STAKEHOLDERS meet To advance youth employment in agriculture”

  1. Thanks for this announcement.Its a good initiative.l am farmer.l am interested.pls WHERE IS THE VENUE AND TIME?

  2. I understand that the workshop is taking place in IITA ibadan, pls how can i get an invite to attend the workshop pls or isit free because i stay in ibadan. Thanks

  3. Pls what time is the event starting and is there any prior registration, I reside in ibadan and am really intrested in attending the program. Also I need d twitter handle aswel.

  4. ade…. I really commend ur work? Hope u still remember me and our discusions in bowen.. Am really intrested in agribussiness and am ready for follow now. Also i need an update on youth in agric???? How can i really join and follow up… I want to acquire some acres of land here to start up… Abt 10acres.??? I have money for two for now? And i am really looking forward to joining the group… Also if i join the forum?? Will iita be ready to assist and journey with me as a young farmer to a reasonable and stable state of establishment??? I see iita officials comming to my side here (offercentre). I hope u guys can link me up to becoming stable and established in agric…. U can follow me on g+ or facebook with my names as you have them…. Plzzz keep me updated,

  5. Pls, I am interested in benefiting from the program or any agric youth empowerment program that will help in success in agricultural business.Can I also come?Thanks.

  6. Seems this event is loaded and with great possibility of results. However, its apparently ‘closed’ (attendance-wise) to the ‘subject’…#youth.
    I stand corrected though.

  7. Every youths who are well enhanced in terms of agriculture can be a great way to make room for progress in terms of agriculture. Engaging a lot of advance youths for agriculture can boost the progress and success of farming as it is improved by their ideas in terms of handling this kind of work.

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