Saturday, 5th of April, 2014 would remain a special day in the hearts of members of the IITA-Kalambo Youth Agripreneurs (IKYA) for a long time as they put themselves in limelight amongst the people of Bukavu, South-Kivu Province, D.R. Congo through their groundbreaking launching ceremony and maiden conference. The conference had in attendance over 350 people amongst whom were representatives from government parastatals, NGOs, University staff and students, well-wishers and other invited guests. The theme for the conference was: “Creating Jobs for Youth through Agribusiness”.
Among the dignitaries was His Excellency, the Governor of South-Kivu Province, Gov. Marcelin Chishambo who gave the opening speech where he expressed his delight at the initiative in D.R. Congo and indicated his belief in the fact that through agriculture, youths can become employers of labour, rather than remain job-seekers.
PAIDEK – Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives de Développement Économique du Kivu (i.e. Promotion and Support for Economic Development Initiatives in Kivu) official, Mr. Ramazani Musongo and IITA-SARD SC cassava specialist, Dr. Marie Yomeni were also present to give support through their presentations on “How financial institutions can support young Agripreneurs” and “Bringing young people into Agriculture through Agribusiness” respectively.
IITA Youth Agripreneurs (IYA), being the archetype of the youth in agribusiness initiative, had delegates- Ajibola Olaniyi and Bekee Barituka from Ibadan, Nigeria present at the occasion to also give encouragement and support to the IKYA team.
Finally, the conference was concluded by a presentation of IKYA’s objectives, targets and outputs, as well as a projection of the group’s future plans- including expansion and diversification by an IITA-Kalmbo youth agripreneur, Gracia Kahasa.



  1. Congrats to IITA to support Congolese Youth to become ”agripreneurs”. We hope that this project will support youth engagement in Agribusiness and boost the economy of the South Kivu and the entire DR Congo.

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