The Garri Production Launched By IITA YOUTH AGRIPRENEURS

 The Gari's Production  Launched by IITA Youth Agripreneurs

No one can deny the fact that Cassava Remain the most popular and widely consumed food crops in Africa. Because it is such an important food in the region and an extremely versatile crop, it is commonly referred to as cornerstone of food security in Africa.
However, in a continued effort to increase the availability and the accessibility of cassava stems and tubers with its processed products, IITA Youth Agripreneurs have just commenced their cassava harvesting of variety TME 419 on EE23 field at the IITA station.
The cassava roots will be channeled into the production of GARI which would be made available at affordable prices by 24th March, 2014.
Interested customers can start ordering.
Cassava variety: TME 419
Available Date: 24th March, 2014.
for more Information please contact IITA YOUTH Agriprenurs, and if you want to get the Gari please send your command through our E-Market Pannel.

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