Agribusiness Training Benefit by Ms Liliane Bahati

Am Ms Liliane Bahati From Congo D.R.

I Just wanted to share the experiences gain during my Training on Agribusiness.
My training in IITA-headquarter as Agripreneurs has been source of inspiration in my life. I see now agribusiness as a perfect way for changing positively my life by making me self reliance. Before my trip to Ibadan I was considering all cassava -by products (gari, tapioca, cassava bread and cassava flour) learned about at school like theories for only making the lesson interesting, but now I have seen them, learned how to make them and I am able to take that technology to my country and even contribute to make it a Congolese technology

During my training I was blessed to visit Niji farm which has been an excellent source of motivation and inspiration for the remaining period of my life. It was my first time to see a very engaged person in agribusiness, very determined in his activities and earning a lot of money from it. I was like in a dream, very surprised to hear from somebody about the huge amount of money earning from farming business. From that day my decision is: I have to be a millionaire by making a lot of money in Agribusiness.

Liliane BAHATI Agripreneurs from IITA-Kalambo Youth Agripreneurs (IKYA)

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