When Young Ladies are Involve in Agriculture

When Young Ladies are Involve in Agriculture

I strongly believe that When young ladies are Involved in Agriculture they can do well by creating job opportunities to other ladies and also make money for themselves. Above All they bring Joy and happiness even in Farm.

So Young Ladies don’t be afraid to join us in Agribusiness


2 thoughts on “When Young Ladies are Involve in Agriculture”

  1. I like this post because it will encourage young ladies out there to believe in agriculture knowing fully well that agriculture contributes more than 75% of the work force here in Nigeria.

  2. Agriculture is our foundation, our pride and our origin and until we accept those three caption ‘foundation’ ‘pride’ and ‘origin’ we would never curb d effect of global unemployment. I strongly believe that agriculture remains the only mechanism of tackling umeployment. Government should do more in educating the teeming youth of the benefit engaging in meaningful agriculture, the agarian sub-sector has remained rudimentary for decades and this is wrong. I have mentioned this in seminars and talk shows severally, involve the agile youth roaming the street in active agriculture and design a program that suits the present day nigeria. I strongly believe that we can still get it right. Arise o compatriot. God bless the field of agriculture. Madu .k.o Agricultural economist

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